Attention - Beginner Videographers

Revealing the secrets to creating movie-like videos without spending thousands on camera gear.


  • You want to learn how to make videos but you find yourself wasting a lot of time looking for step by step lessons.
  • You own a camera worth thousands of dollars but when you record videos with it, they look horrible!
  • You have an entry level camera, but you watch tutorials online that make you think you need really expensive equipment.
  • You watch really high quality videos on YouTube and wonder why your videos never look that good!
  • Video editing scares you and just feels really complex.

If this sounds like you, you have come to the right place and I’m ready to share with you the secret, step by step blueprint to shooting and editing amazing videos QUICK!

What Is Ultimate Videographer?

Ultimate Videographer is a step by step program designed to make you a skilled videographer and video editor using any gear and any software! This program dives straight into the must know fundamentals. 

All the fat that you don’t need to know has been cut out to save you time and get your results ASAP! 

Your journey from where you are to becoming one of the best videographers start with this course.

"It’s natural to be skeptical about anything you enroll in on the internet. But Ultimate Videographer is the epitome of value for money. The course is well structured and easy to follow. The videos are also short and it’s clear to see that Rajvir really put thought and research into the entire process. As an up and coming content creator, this course has really given me a fresh perspective into videography and I’m grateful!!"
Irmah R
"I always thought that gear mattered but Rajvir really shatters that myth and teaches you to get creative with the gear you already have. As a food photographer i mainly just shot stills but Rajvir (Adventuresingh) pushed me to start videos and this has enabled me to add videography as an additional service which in turn has led to more income :). Highly recommended."
Mazar Imran

When you complete Ultimate Videographer, you'll...

Video Produced By Rajvir Soin

Breakdown Of Ultimate Videographer

1) Lifetime Access

Once you’re a part of the Ultimate Videographer Tribe, you have access to it for life!

This means you get access to all future updates and content added to the course.

2. Find Your Tribe

The difference between being good and being great is having someone to hold your hand and be your mentor.

Having access to this course is going to give you direct access to me.

I will be there to answer your questions, be your mentor and support you through your ups and downs.

You’ll also be surrounded by a growing community who shares the same passion as you.

Myself and the community will be there to help you, collaborate and share your journey with you!

3. Feedback For Improvement

We hold monthly feedback sessions where you upload your videos and I give you feedback on what you did well and where there’s room for improvement.

Key Areas I Will
Walk Through;-

1) Gear

I’m going to explain and recommend basic gear so you know exactly what to upgrade to when you need to. No need to buy an expensive camera now!

2) Camera Settings

We’ll cover how to optimize your camera settings to shoot the best video possible and how to achieve the most professional look in every shot.

3) Composition

We’ll talk about how to create impactful, cinematic shots that are full of depth by using compositional guides and camera motion – including the do’s and don’ts.

4) Lighting

The most expensive camera in the world CANNOT replace good lighting. I’ll guide you on how to use natural light, even in the toughest conditions, to how to correctly use artificial lights.

5) Story Telling

I’ll show you how to boost your production quality and make your videos more compelling by properly telling stories with your visuals.

6) Video Editing

The editing process can be the make or break of all your hard work shooting and that’s why this course will cover the principles of editing both video and audio.

Your Course
Modules ;-

Introduction to the course (1min) 

Camera Recommendations (16mins) 

Camera Sensors (3mins)

Setting Up Your Video Settings (6mins)

Exposure Triangle (6mins)

Exposing Your Video (3mins)

Video Settings & Exposure Triangle Practical (8mins)

White Balance (2mins)

Manual Vs Auto Focus (5mins)

Light Qualities (6mins)

Light Qualities Demo (10mins)

Lighting Patterns on A Human Subject (7 mins)

Filming With Natural Lights (15mins)

Taking Advantage Of Shadows (5mins)

Achieving the Best Audio (6mins)

More On Audio (11mins)

Composition (10mins)

Compositon Demo (24mins)

Camera Motion (6mins)

How To Shoot Hand Held (7 mins)

How To Shoot & Edit A Timelapse (20mins)

Color Theory (18mins)

Telling A Story (7mins)

How to Set Up Your Phone (14mins)

How to Set Up Your Gopro (7mins)

How to Set Up & Fly Your Drone (20mins)

How to Set Up Your Talking Head Video (8mins)

Editing Software & Hardware Recommendations (4mins)

How To Color Correct Part 1(26mins)

How To Color Correct Part 2 (24mins)

How To Color Grade (8mins)

How To Edit Audio (15mins)

Editing A Video From Start to Finish (50mins)

Who is this for?


If you have never made a video but dream of picking a camera up and making movie like videos, this is for you


If you have been creating videos  but aren’t growing an audience, are struggling to create videos that grab attention, and overall are just not getting the results you deserve, this is for you.


If you want to master the art of making videos so you can escape the 9-5 and make a full career out of this or perhaps as a side hustle, this is for you.

"Ultimate Videography is amazing! You learn so much about videography! The compilations and short videos are extremely easy to understand, and follow along with. My videos have visibly gotten a whole lot better! I would definitely recommend you check it out!"
Tanveer Sura
"I have learnt so many new things that i wasn't aware of or had any ideas about making videos or editing with such perfection. This course has everything for videographers/photographers/filmmakers, very easy to understand and follow what Rajvir sir teaches and has to offer in the course. It has pumped me up since I started doing the course in making my videography and photography skills better and better, using any gears that are available with you(whether it be a DSLR or MOBILE PHONE) to make amazing videos or take photos. TOTALLY WORTH IT GUYS!!!"
Mihir Shukla

Why should you even care?

COVID-19 has boomed the video industry as more people are indoors watching and communicating through videos. More business and companies out there are hiring people with strong editing skills to edit videos. Stand out from thousands of other video editors in the market by mastering this lifetime skill.



You will be able to pick up any camera and create cinematic videos with it in any situation and will be able to edit compelling videos. I take your time very seriously and you have my personal promise.  

If at any point you find that this course hasn’t helped you soar past the learning curve and achieve success in making dope videos, I have a 30 day money back guarantee! 

You just need to send me an email and let me know what you feel needs improving I will give you back a 100% refund on the spot, no stress, no questions asked I’m so confident that this course will be the bridge between you and your ability to making breath taking videos that when you request for a refund, you will still have full access to the course!

Rajvir Soin

From following the proven path of becoming a dentist,

I dropped out and dedicated over 3 years of my life learning the skills needed to create videos that captivates my audiences.

This has allowed me the freedom to travel the world, grow my YouTube channel to 26K subscribers and 20K followers on Instagram and build a 6 figure videography studio.

All this started from the most basic dslr, a lot of hard work and a dream!

It also took me a very long time to become good at this skill.

And that’s why I created Ultimate Videographer so I could help you skip the massive learning curve and show you how to make breath taking videos, with the gear you own – saving time, money and mistakes!

By the time you’ve completed the course, you’ll know the exact steps I take to create cinematic compelling videos like I do, And better yet, you’ll be able to do the same!

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Common FAQ's

You can start today without any software and just a mobile phone! You can certainly start with free editing software for mobile phones and computers however I recommend you get started with Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro.  

Here’s the thing, all the thousands of mediocre videographers out there are using YoTube videos to learn this skill. That just means there’s no way to stand out from them.

There are a lot of videos online about taking great videos, but none of them go into detail about all the components and a step by step of how to make professional looking videos. You’d have to do a lot of research to get the information step by step. 

This course goes into specific detail on video fundamentals such as composition, lighting, settings, setting up your dslr, mirrorless camera, mobile settings for your phone and a lot more. Then there is the private community and me overlooking this community. The community is something the members praise so highly because it’s a space where all members are there for the same reasons – asking for feedback on your videos is easy, it’s a non judgemental space where you can improve your work constantly before posting it out into the world. The community is a safe guard to ensure you’re presenting your best self to the world.

The minimum gear needed for the Mastering Run & Gun Video course is a mobile phone. Everything beyond that is a bonus .

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.  

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.  

There are 30+ videos and over 4 hours of information packed content.  The library will be updated with new videos from time to time to keep the course relative with the times.

The answer is no. This course will see updates from time to time and will see occasional additions of videos here and there to keep you up to date with the current standards. The great thing is. You will have access to it all at no extra cost.  

More Student Raves

Jasvin Jabbal
Jasvin Jabbal
Read More
I've done a few tutorials on YouTube, but Ultimate Videographer by Rajvir goes into depth about videography. He teaches you all the different concepts and techniques, and they're all in one place. My videography skills and content for my company social media and personal videos have definitely improved! 10/10 would recommend, especially if you manage your own social media content and want to improve your skills. Totally worth your time and money! Thanks Rajvir, for putting this together for all us creators.
Melissa S
Melissa S
Read More
I really enjoyed this course. Even though my video taking skills are more at a hobby level, this course offers some great tips and tricks for making better quality videos and helping you to tell an even better story! I would 100% recommend this to everyone!
Jacqueline Mugo
Jacqueline Mugo
Read More
I fell in love with Rajvir's vlogs, they are well thought out, beautifully shot, the journey of discovery he would take us on was always spell-binding. Doing his course had been on my bucket list for so long, I always had the challenge of filming and being filmed in my events in low light. I love that his course has no fluff, he gets to the point and explains everything in a concise manner that is easy to understand. Plus when you see his work, he really does practice what he preaches. Rajvir is the nicest, kindest, most patient teacher you will find. This course may be the best thing I've done in 2020, my greatest investment!
Chintan Gohel
Chintan Gohel
Read More
There was a time in college that I went beyond and did online courses from international universities for my own sake and knowledge. I did over 15 in various fields in fact. Since then I have also attended dozens of live workshops and dozens more of online workshops through various channels. Ultimate Videographer is a very different kind of learning from what I am used to. This is not just an intro to taking videos but also a crash course in the whole field of recording video, audio, visual story telling and compiling your material into a single cohesive story. This is a year’s worth of online research, trial and error, practice and more, compressed and refined into a single course that will truly give you a head start into taking videos for your needs. If you value your time and would want to do away with the frustration of getting the right information from the internet and other sources, then this course will shorten your time spent considerably and save you on whole lot of effort. If you are seriously interested into going into videography, for events, weddings, travel and interviews, then this course will really fast track what you need to know and get you started within a few days on the right kind of videography to do
Theophilus Kibet
Theophilus Kibet
Read More
I enjoyed taking Ultimate Videographer because it’s very extensive and detailed. I was able to learn new things about videography that I and no idea about, casing point I didn’t know of Exposure Triangle which is basically (Aperture, ISO & Shutter Speed), settings that work in tandem with each other in order for one to get good videos. This course has expounded my knowledge in the field of filming. If you are into videography then i definitely recommend signing up for this course it’s an investment that will help you hone your skill.
Mamta Mali
Mamta Mali
Read More
Ultimate Videographer is what you should go for if you're new into the digital world of photography and videography. Actually I have never come across such a detailed course in Kenya. Rajvir has done a great job by coming up with this ideas. Great opportunities for new YouTuber like me improve my photography, videography and editing skills. You will not regrate paying the fee as it's only one time payment and you have access to the course lifetime.
Winnie Karue
Winnie Karue
Read More
This course has been a gamechanger in my videography skills. It is very articulate, unique , informative and very interesting. I have learnt so much from how to film awesome videos just using my phone to how to achieve good lighting and best exposure to audio and also how to edit everything that one has shot. The topics are also clearly explained in short videos which makes the whole course so easy to understand the concept being explained.

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