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Breakdown Of
The Course;-

1) Lifetime Access

Once you’re a part of the Ultimate Videographer Tribe, you’re in it for life! 

We’re starting with the fundamentals and constantly adding content to help you reach the next level as a filmmaker.

2. Find Your Tribe

Imagine you had a network of creative minds you could ask any question to, get feedback on your work, and learn first-hand from the top filmmakers on the internet.  

Would you be interested?

Key Areas I Will
Walk Through;-

1) Gear

I’m going to explain and recommend basic gear so you know exactly what to upgrade to when you need to. No need to buy an expensive camera now!

2) Camera Settings

We’ll cover how to optimize your camera settings to shoot the best video possible and how to achieve the most professional look in every shot.

3) Composition

We’ll talk about how to create impactful, cinematic shots that are full of depth by using compositional guides and camera motion – including the do’s and don’ts.

4) Lighting

The most expensive camera in the world CANNOT replace good lighting. I’ll guide you on how to use natural light, even in the toughest conditions, to how to correctly use artificial lights.

5) Story Telling

I’ll show you how to boost your production quality and make your videos more compelling by properly telling stories with your visuals.

6) Editing

The editing process can be the make or break of all your hard work shooting and that’s why this course will cover the principles of editing both video and audio.

Your Course
Modules ;-

Introduction to the course (1min) 

Camera Recommendations (16mins) 

Camera Sensors (3mins)

Setting Up Your Video Settings (6mins)

Exposure Triangle (6mins)

Exposing Your Video (3mins)

Video Settings & Exposure Triangle Practical (8mins)

White Balance (2mins)

Manual Vs Auto Focus (5mins)

Light Qualities (6mins)

Light Qualities Demo (10mins)

Lighting Patterns on A Human Subject (7 mins)

Filming With Natural Lights (15mins)

Taking Advantage Of Shadows (5mins)

Achieving the Best Audio (6mins)

More On Audio (11mins)

Composition (10mins)

Compositon Demo (24mins)

Camera Motion (6mins)

How To Shoot Hand Held (7 mins)

How To Shoot & Edit A Timelapse (20mins)

Color Theory (18mins)

Telling A Story (7mins)

How to Set Up Your Phone (14mins)

How to Set Up Your Gopro (7mins)

How to Set Up & Fly Your Drone (20mins)

How to Set Up Your Talking Head Video (8mins)

Editing Software & Hardware Recommendations (4mins)

How To Color Correct Part 1(26mins)

How To Color Correct Part 2 (24mins)

How To Color Grade (8mins)

How To Edit Audio (15mins)

Editing A Video From Start to Finish (50mins)

Common FAQ's

You can start today without any software and just a mobile phone! You can certainly start with free editing software for mobile phones and computers however I recommend you get started with Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro.  

Here’s the thing, all the thousands of mediocre videographers out there are using YoTube videos to learn this skill. That just means there’s no way to stand out from them.

There are a lot of videos online about taking great videos, but none of them go into detail about all the components and a step by step of how to make professional looking videos. You’d have to do a lot of research to get the information step by step. 

This course goes into specific detail on video fundamentals such as composition, lighting, settings, setting up your dslr, mirrorless camera, mobile settings for your phone and a lot more. Then there is the private community and me overlooking this community. The community is something the members praise so highly because it’s a space where all members are there for the same reasons – asking for feedback on your videos is easy, it’s a non judgemental space where you can improve your work constantly before posting it out into the world. The community is a safe guard to ensure you’re presenting your best self to the world.

The minimum gear needed for the Mastering Run & Gun Video course is a mobile phone. Everything beyond that is a bonus .

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.  

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.  

There are 30+ videos and over 4 hours of information packed content.  The library will be updated with new videos from time to time to keep the course relative with the times.

The answer is no. This course will see updates from time to time and will see occasional additions of videos here and there to keep you up to date with the current standards. The great thing is. You will have access to it all at no extra cost.  

Here's a quick recap on what you'll be
getting when you sign up today;-

Total Value Of -> $1,091

Today's Offer -> $97

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